Competition Information

The competition will be in a box league round robin format, top 2 teams move up divisions & bottom 2 teams move down divisions if you happen to be in the in the lowest division for your day slot and are one of the 2 teams designed to move down further, you will not change to another day unless advised by your local club.
The competition will run over Saturdays & Sundays based on the division the junior is playing in.
Division 1  1pm – 3pm
Division 2  3pm – 5pm

Division 3  5pm – 7pm

Division 4  1pm – 3pm
Division 5  3pm – 5pm
Division 6  5pm – 7pm
Up to 6 teams per division.
Minimum 2 players per team, Maximum 4-5 per team.
5-week competition (no semis, no finals)
All matches are UTR registered/Affiliated.
This competition will closely resemble the existing adults Sunday morning competition.
Any participant that is interested in joining the competition and does not have a nominated club will be directed to their local or closest club within the ESTA registered clubs.
Start date: 22/05/21

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Enquire: [email protected]

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