At the Annual General Meeting of the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association Inc., held on the 23rd June 2021, the following Officers and Management Committee were elected:

President:           Jennifer Burns      (email: [email protected])

Hon. Secretary:  Fernando Rios      (email: [email protected])

Hon. Treasurer:  Daniel Chan           (email: [email protected])

Vice-President:  Sandra Reid            (email: [email protected])

Management Committee: Jimmy Baghdadi, Roger Beer, Helen Butcher, Lina Critelli, Simon Edward Curley, David Deep, Peter Estcourt, Monique Krutak, Barbara Mallam, Pavel Mikula, Michael Reynolds, James Richards, Greg Stewart and Michael Vincent.

The motion to add to Article 8(g) of the Constitution, to permit Committee Meetings to be held at two (2) or more venues using any technology that gives each of the Committee Members a reasonable opportunity to participate, was defeated, not reaching the required three-quarter majority of the total votes of the members present and entitled to vote.