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Term 3 entries will open June 13th, 2022 and close June 24th.

The ESTA have partnered with Tennis NSW to be the official sanctioned provider of the Sydney Junior Team Tennis (SJTT) in the Eastern Suburbs. Participation in the ESTA Junior competition will allow  junior players to be invited to represent the ESTA in the Interdistrict Competition in Term 3 on Sunday afternoons.


UTR Registered

The ESTA Junior competition is a selective inter-club competition that places respective clubs head to head consisting of 2-5 members per team.

The competition will run over 7 weeks, with the 8th week being the final between the top two teams. Each team will have one bye during the run of the tournament.

The player is entitled to 2 Doubles & 1 Singles match on the day given the match is playable within the respective division’s 2-hour time slot. Matches will be played in order of : Doubles, Single, Single, Doubles.  All matches are UTR registered/affiliated.







UTR Registered Sydney Tennis

ESTA Junior Competition

How it works

All matches are UTR registered/affiliated

The player is entitled to 2 Doubles & 1 Singles match on the day given the match is playable within the respective divisions time slot. Rules of play are short deuce for doubles and long deuce for singles. Tie break at 5 all, first to 7 win by 2.

If moving down a division and the new division’s matches fall on a separate day from your previous division, you will remain in your current division unless advised by your local club operator.

The competition will run over Saturdays & Sundays, which day your junior is allocated to play is determined by the division they’re assigned at grading, see day/time allocation below.


Division 7: Green Ball B 1pm to 3 pm

Division 6: Green Ball A 3pm to 5 pm

Division 5:  5pm to 7pm


 Division 4:  1pm to 3pm UTR 1 +

 Division 3:  3pm to 5pm UTR 2+

 Division 2:  3pm to 5pm UTR 3 +

 Division 1:  5pm to 7pm UTR 4 +


Further Information

To register a player or team, please get in touch with your local participating club:Coogee Beach Tennis, Eastcourts Tennis,Heffron Park Tennis, S.M.A.R.T. Fit Tennis, Snape Tennis,Wentworth Tennis Club

  • Minimum 2 players per team.
  • Maximum 5 players per team.
  • Any participant that is interested in joining the competition and does not have a nominated club will be directed to their local or closest club within the ESTA registered clubs participating within the competition.
  • Players will be categorized based on UTR/level rather than age.
  • Players will be notified of their division and time slot after a grading meeting is held 14 days before competition start date.
  • If your team happens to forfeit more than 2 times in a season that same team of players will not be able to register the following season.


Incase of wet-weather, if the courts have been deemed unplayable by the club operator a draw will be issued for the match. Wet weather calls will be made 30 minutes before game time if possible.

Please  review the twitter feed on this web page above for weather updates.

Start Date

Term 3 2022:  Begins the 23th and 2th of July

Finals September 11 and 12th


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