Mixed Adults Tennis Competition

Sunday Morning Competition

1. How are teams graded?
There is a grading meeting held ten days before each comp starts. Teams are graded according to the division they played in the previous comp – winners of each division are promoted. New teams are assigned to a division by grading committee consensus.

2. How long does the comp go for?
Ten weeks, plus four weeks for finals.

3. How many comps per year?

4. What are the dates?
The annual schedule on the website shows closing dates for entries, grading meeting date and match-play dates for each comp.

5. How do I enter?
Each club has its own entry process.

6. What happens if it rains?
Some clubs will use the twitter feed which can be read on the website. If the club you are playing at does not do this, please contact them direct.

7. What if I am an individual looking for a team to join?
Get in touch and we can place you with a current team

8. Who do I contact for a reserve?
Your team captain and/or club

9. How do I use the comp software to enter results?
There is a user guide that can be emailed upon request.

10. Where do I view the draw?
Via this link:
or through this website.