Tennis Club Sydney History

Since 1926

The ESTA was formed on 24 November 1926 at a meeting of forty-two delegates from twenty-three eastern suburbs tennis clubs. It was originally named Eastern Suburbs Hard Court Tennis Association.

By 1933, weekly committee meetings were attended by two hundred delegates.

The ESHCTA and the breakaway North Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association (NESTA) between them managed tennis in the eastern suburbs from 1933. This coalition existed until the two associations united at a meeting on 2 December 1968.

The most prominent eastern suburbs clubs have been West Hants and Wyvern – the latter based at Court Avenue Kingsford, today home to Eastcourts Tennis. West Hants was a hub not just for competitive tennis but also social gatherings, dances and balls. Among the club’s notables: Warren Woodcock, Warren Jacques, Norma Marsh, Dawn McCamley, Dawn Thomas and Kay Newcombe, all of whom played in main draws at Wimbledon.

Wyvern Tennis Club started in 1950 and reached a membership peak in 1960 of 450 active playing members.

The ESHCTA produced twenty players ranked in Australia’s Top Ten, three of whom achieved the country’s #1 ranking: Thelma Long, Mary Carter Reitano and Lesley Bowrey. Thelma, Lesley and Viv McGrath went on to achieve rankings inside the world’s Top Ten.

Also six Davis Cup players (Jack Crawford, Viv McGrath, Bill Sidwell, Syd Ball, Jamie Morgan and Todd Reid) and two Federation Cup players (Lesley Bowrey and Rennae Stubbs).